4 Speedy Solutions for Troubled Skin



Skin troubles such as blemishes, rashes, or breakouts can range from mildly annoying to outright horrible. This is especially true when you want to look your best on special days. Depending on what you’re dealing with, the treatment can take many sessions, some stretching over weeks or months — but sometimes you just don’t have the time for that. What if you need a really quick solution to your skin troubles?
As it turns out, you’re not completely out of your luck. There are plenty of speedy solutions for troubled skin that doesn’t involve intensive treatment, and we’re here to tell you about some of them. Check out this quick list of solutions for troubled skin.



1. Blackheads

Easily one of the most common skin-related troubles anyone has to deal with, blackheads are caused by dead skin cells and oils that clog hair follicles. If the clogged pore stays closed, it will form a whitehead. If the bump opens and is exposed to air, it turns black and forms a blackhead. Blackheads, just like their white counterparts, are quite noticeable. They are often removed manually or through microdermabrasion, chemical peels, or light and laser therapy.
Quick Solution: Try something like Missha’s Speedy Solution Nose Pore Cleaning Patch. It’s fairly easy to use and barely requires any time. You even get to see the blackheads getting pulled away from the pores while peeling the patch. Just don’t forget to moisturize your nose and the surrounding area after using one.



2. Pimple or Acne Outbreaks


Pimples are a lot less tolerable than blackheads. No one likes them and they tend to show up in places that get a lot of attention, like the top of the nose or along the forehead. Forehead breakouts are especially irritating as it can last for many days. This condition is often treated using acne lotions and creams, skincare routine changes, or oral medication.
Quick Solution: Witch hazel is great for removing excess oil in the skin, making it an excellent acne treatment. One witch hazel-based toner, Thayers Unscented Toner, clears the skin with its active ingredient and minimizes irritation because it also contains aloe vera.




3. Dry Skin


Dry skin is often characterized by lack of elasticity and coarse skin texture. In many cases, dry skin also causes the skin to flake off. The debris produced by this, in turn, can block pores and cause break outs. If you think you have dry skin, you need to hydrate and put on moisturizers fast.
Quick Solution: Avoid alcohol-based products for the meantime because they can dry your skin even further. Instead, look for moisturizing products that help lock in moisture and keep your skin from flaking. A good example would be Farm Stay’s Snail Moisture Soothing Gel since gels and creams are a lot easier to apply on your face, especially when you’re unable to use a moisturizing mask.



4. Oily Skin


Dry skin may look and feel uncomfortable, but the same can be said for oily skin. The overproduction of sebum is often triggered by fluctuating hormone levels or the lack of moisture on the skin. People with oily skin typically deal with the condition by changing soaps or other skincare products, applying homemade masks, or adding oil blotters to their skincare kit.
Quick Solution: One of the most effective solutions for oily skin is salicylic acid. This product not only exfoliates the skin and takes away the dirt, dead cells, and debris on the skin surface, it also exfoliates the pore lining. This allows the oil to flow to the surface of the pore, preventing clogged pores and break outs.
These speedy solutions are great for times when you need skincare interventions. However, you must to learn to adapt your skincare routine to match your skin type so your skin emergencies will be far and few in between.

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