4 Top Spots for Beginner Skiers in Hokkaido


If there’s such a list of prime skiing destinations in the world, Hokkaido, Japan would easily make it to one of the top spots in that list. The abundant quantity and ideal powdery quality of snow in the area is caused by the cold Siberian winds that carry water from the Sea of Japan. The mountain range helps gather the snow-rich clouds, creating more than 10 meters of snow that skiers are looking for. Many experienced skiers prefer Hokkaido’s snow because of its fine consistency, making it easier for skis and snowboards to glide on.


You’re probably thinking that prime skiing spots are exclusive to the most experienced skiers, but this isn’t the case. Because of the land’s gentle slopes, there are many skiing spots in Hokkaido where you can pick up skiing as a hobby.

All that’s left to figure out is which ski resort should you choose among the various ski resorts in the area. Remember that the ski resort has to be beginner-friendly, so we’re ruling out resorts that do not have facilities or features that cater to beginner skiers. Here’s a quick rundown of your options:



  • Kiroro


If you’re really new to skiing, Kiroro is one of the best places to start learning. Just an hour away from Sapporo, Kiroro offers a ton of things to do ranging from sledding, tubing, snow rafting, and even renting mini-snowmobiles. The kids’ park is the perfect place for youngsters, but aspiring skiers will also be glad to know that the ski resort offers skiing lessons for kids and adults alike.

To accommodate skiers of various skill levels, Kiroro has courses ranging from the most basic to moderately challenging ones. Foreigners won’t have to worry about the language barrier because many of the courses offered here are taught by English-speaking instructors.





  • Furano


Another popular ski resort that caters to families, Furano’s main appeal to beginner skiers is its gentle-sloping trails. If you have children or other members of your group that don’t feel like skiing, they can keep themselves busy with other activities such as snowmobiling and dog sledding. Ski courses are held in a place separate from other snow activity areas, so you get a lot of free space to hone your skiing skills.

Skiers go to Furano to get a feel of what to expect once they’re past the beginner stage. The resort offers courses designed for advanced users, such as steeper downhill courses.





  • Niseko


Covering a wide area that’s almost twice as big as Furano’s, Niseko presents skiing courses of all kinds for all levels of skill. What makes the place special is that many people believe that the place receives more snowfall than any other ski resort on the planet. Niseko is actually made up of five individual resorts, which explains the massive area it occupies.

Aside from presenting many suitable courses for beginners, Niseko also gives its visitors the option to take group or solo lessons. One-on-one skiing lessons are a good choice if you feel a little conscious about falling in front of people or if you want a more focused learning experience.





  • Rusutsu


Although slightly smaller than Niseko, Rusutsu boasts 37 trails spread across three mountains. The most advanced courses are located higher up where the slopes are steeper, while the lower areas have just the right balance of slopes and obstacles to keep you on your toes without being too challenging.


What makes Rusutsu an ideal place for beginners is the fact that it never gets crowded. The training area is exclusive to beginners, so you don’t have to worry about faster skiers zooming past you and bumping into you by accident. However, if you’re in need of lessons, you might want to go to a smaller ski resort and then check out Rusutsu later when you’re ready to spend most of your time exploring the different trails.


Skiing for beginners will usually involve a lot of falling down, but starting your hobby in any of these ski resorts should set you on the right track to learning the sport under the best skiing conditions possible.

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