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What’s going on between twin flames?


Twin flames is the non romantic story that will fuck your life – but in a good way. Probably if you are reading this article you already know your twin flame: you recognize the connection, the signs, the telekinesis, the synchronicities, the feeling that you already know this person. You feel that your energy goes up every time you are around.

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Zapatos para el Verano 2017

Zapatos para el verano 2017, ¿cuáles usar? Te recomiendo que sean muy cómodos y que sean un clásico para que los utilices muchas veces Me gustan los FLEXI…



Con la llegada de la luna nueva en Leo se sienten muchos cambios y es que ¿cómo se va a sentir así si estamos abriendo un nuevo capítulo de nuestra vida? …


Sam Edelman: Stars and Moon shoes

SHOES / ZAPATOS : SAM EDELMAN Just found this beautiful stars and moon shoes from Sam Edelman. I always get excited when I find something magical to shop online. Definitely I’m going to buy them. The more magical I…

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Stella Maxwell Model Style

Do you know Stella Maxwell style? This is the "I'm a New York Model" Fashion vibe. She is the girlfriend of Kristen Stewart and loves to wear leather jacket…

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My Favorite booties – Shopbop

Are you looking for amazing booties? star booties? from Marc Jacobs, Jeffrey Campbell or Alice + Olivia, I totally recommend you Shopbop, the best store…