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Being a Free Spirit who is in love

I didn’t plan to write a post this night but I feel I have to. Writing is one of the best therapies in the world, is like going deep down into your soul and realizing what you really want, what you really feel.


These days have been complicated and I know I say those words quite often but change is something constant in our lovely human lives. We can’t seem to go every day thinking, feeling and wishing the same. That’s called stability and believe you don’t want that in your life, you want to be surprised every day with magic, no matter how hard it seems.

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Del amor propio al amor de tu vida

Del amor propio al amor de tu vida - Este pequeño tip puede cambiar tu vida no sólo en el amor de pareja, también en los demás aspectos de tu vida. Ámate a ti mismo, es lo más importante…


Twin Flame – Stars collision

Sentí un sentimiento inevitable cuando te conocí. Ese sentimiento de que estaríamos juntos, de que habría un momento en el que me mirarías y cruzaríamos la barrera de la amistad y las cosas se convertirían en algo más. Hablamos…


Twin Flames – the NON romantic love

Twin Flame - the non romantic relationship. Being in a twin flame relationship or non relationship (I'm talking about that "soul closeness") it's really difficult. Specially if you are the chaser (almost every woman is the chaser), because you…


Mis aparatos de belleza favoritos

Mis aparatos de belleza favoritos para usar en casa: PHILIPS LUMEA, NUFACE, CROC DIAMOND, SMOOTHBEAUTY EYE LASER WRINKLE, SMOOTH BEAUTY LASER TRIA BEAUTY los mejores para evitar arrugas, eliminar vello y tener el cabello bonito…


A Letter to all my Ex Boyfriends

I have been in love so many times in my life before, with every single person I thought they were "the one", I thought I wasn't going to be able to love again but we all know that's not…