The Coffee Scrub Review

The Coffee Scrub – stops cellulite

Since a month ago I have been using the Coffee Scrub in Rose and can definitely notice some changes in the appearance of the skin of my legs especially where cellulite was a little visible. Coffee is well known for stopping cellulite and stimulating the blood circulation and I agree that is an excellent choice for having beautiful legs and a beautiful booty.

The smell is really pleasant I really can’t smell the roses in it but the coffee is so delicious. I love applying this scrub before jump into the shower. It leaves a coffee scent in all my bathroom that makes me so energetic. I highly recommend you to use it the days when you need an extra energy rush.


They say that the more you pamper your body the more self-love you are promoting subconsciously in your mind so never underestimate the power of using a good cream, a delicious scrub or anything that can make you feel more like a princess.

The scrub price is $18.99 USD and they ship worldwide. The shipping to Mexico is around $12 USD. I honestly want to order the coconut version, I love the mix of coconut and coffee.  For more information take a look at their website: The Coffee Scrub and their instagram @thecoffeescrub_

Recientemente he adquirido el gusto de los exfoliantes de café. No solamente tienen grandiosas propiedades anti edad y anti celulitis, a mi en lo personal me gusta porque te dan muchísima energía ya que el olor a café es súper estimulante y ya verás que cada vez que lo uses te sentirás llena de energía para empezar tu día.



Yo lo utilizo todos los domingos y en ocasiones especiales. Los Domingos para mi son sagrados, son esos días que me dan ganas de consentirme: a mi cuerpo, alma y cara. Y una de mis rutinas favoritas es exfoliar todo mi cuerpo.

El exfoliante cuesta alrededor de 18.99 dólares más 12 de envío a México y llega totalmente seguro. Se los recomiendo ¿los han probado?
Página web:The Coffee Scrub Instagram: @thecoffeescrub_

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