How to accentuate your femininity with lace

I love being a woman and I hope you love it too. I don’t care if we are in the “Feminazi Era” I love us, women. We are extremely special creatures with the power to seduce any man with our charming voice, our slow and delicate movements, our red lips, smooth long hair, porcelain skin and more. Today I want to share with you my tips on how to accentuate your femininity with lace.

Lace is Our Power



Lace has always been the fabric for seductive women as we have seen in movies, in the old Hollywood: from Dorothy Lamour wearing black lace gowns to Grace Kelly and her beautiful wedding white lace dress. Lace can look too seductive or too delicate it depends on the occasion and other accessories and of course your hair and make up.




I honestly can’t imagine a man wearing lace, lace was made for us women. Personally, I love lace dresses I have a lot of them in my wardrobe: from black, to red and even yellow but my favorite ones will always be black or white. I even love wearing lace in my lingerie or my tops. Don’t underestimate the power of jeans with a black lace top it’s extremely seductive and effortless at the same time. You could ask Kendall Jenner.




Generally, lace pieces are expensive, of course, if we are talking about good quality lace. So if you can’t afford a For Love and Lemons $300 USD lace dress you can always make it yourself or ask someone to make it for you. I love this because you can make amazing pieces as seen on the latest runways. Can you imagine that? You can have amazing pieces that probably your friends won’t have until next year.




Don’t worry if you got no idea from where to buy beautiful lace fabrics, I know a french lace fabric store where you can order them online. The store is called Tissura and with all the stuff they have, you can probably make the most beautiful lace pieces.




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