How to dress for a concert

How to dress for a concert
It has been requested to me a post in how to dress for a concert, I already made one post inspired in Alexa Chung but I think is time for a new one. My today’s inspiration is Milly Pye a new British singer who is only 17 years old with awesome hair and stye, I love that she writes her own songs and she has an amazing voice.
Let’s get started! This style is not only meant for a concert, you can also wear it everyday because it is extremely relaxed and comfortable. Here are some tips:
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1. Wear hats or any “classic” accessory in your head, you will look even more relaxed if you wear your hair like Milly; all messed up.
2. Find some cool scarfs but not so colorful ones, wear them everyday: with dresses, shirts, shorts, anything!
3. Wear comfortable shoes: oxford or boots are the best options. In color black or something neutral
5. Wear tees, the ones who can look old but look nice on your body.
6.  Use the “layering” technique: tee + overall + shirt + blazer. Is a quick way to look interesting.
9. Mix everything, don’t care if it goes with the other piece or not. Mix prints, textures and colors like the examples I posted.
10. If you wan to look even cooler, you can wear an “unexpected” element like those blue shoes, the idea here is to look completely relaxed and neutral, but then you see something that “pops”.
How to dress for a concert
How to dress for a concert
Recently Milly is featured in the new Coca Cola’s campaign #Reasonstobelieve which main purpose is bringing people moments of happiness through its videos.
You can see her singing in the campaign in this video:
To find out more about this campaign you can go to their facebook page.
How to dress for a concert
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