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How to wear jumpsuits

Yes, it’s Friday, I just came back from a business interesting meeting and now I’m home and I wanted to write a post. Actually these photos were taken 3 hours ago by my lovely friend Alejandra from White Camera. And to be honest I don’t know what I will be doing this Friday night, let’s see where life takes me.

But before my Friday starts,  let’s talk about how to wear jumpsuits. I really love these pieces they are like that uniform you wear when you just don’t have any idea what are you going to do. It goes perfectly in any social event and even if you are resting, they are comfortable: like a second skin.

Lately I have not been wearing too much accessories, I’m not into them that much. I love simplicity and I think there’s not a sexier accessory than a woman’s neckline. But you can always wear these jumpsuits with many bracelets, necklaces or a bandana. Go creative!

For shoes I think they look perfect with any peep toes or sandals, not sure about wearing them with Birckenstocks or flats. Even boots will look edgy. Which one is your favorite mix?



By the way I don’t know what has been going on the last weeks, I have been meeting more people than ever before in my life. I don’t know what it means, and I feel ashamed to say this but I have many admirers right now which is really funny. I’m not interested in having a guy for everyday of the week, actually I’m interested in finding the one, but I think it’s a complicated task.


This beautiful necklace was bought in my last road trip to Patzcuaro with one of my past lovers, I love him so much but now as a friend. I think we are perfect not as a couple but as brother and sister. Sometimes I can’t believe how feelings can change so quickly, but the important is to be honest with yourself and the other person and just let it got. No hurting needed.



Let’s see what comes the next weeks, I think something extraordinary is coming because I’m seeing all these signals and I can tell you I have been living more experiences lately than I have ever lived in my entire life. Have a great weekend! Remember you only live once #YOLO


Total Look Forever 21


1.floral jumpsuit 2 wine jumpsuit 3. white jumpsuit

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