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The weather is changing from Summer to Fall and it could be difficult to choose what to wear these days because sometimes we can feel warm and other times we can feel cold. The best thing you can wear in these situations are maxi skirts.

Maxi skirts are much comfortable to wear than pants, skirts or mini skirts because if the weather gets colder your legs will be protected from the cool breeze or rain, and if the weather is really hot or warm you will still feel very fresh.


Maxi skirts come in different colors, cuts, prints and textures. Personally I think is better to have two basic pieces in your closet (one black and one gray) and at least one statement piece with an unexpected twist; maybe an asymmetrical cut or a psychedelic print. Don’t be afraid to wear one with really bright colors or unusual prints if you mix it with a plain top and a simple purse you will look stylish.

Maxi skirts shouldn’t be expensive, rue21 has excellent prices and what I like the most about this store is that each model is different so I’m sure you will find the one you are looking for.


What to wear with your maxi skirt?

– add a hat, a lace top and a pair of  brown boots to look more bohemian

– add high booties, a statement necklace and a sleeveless top to look sexier

– wear it with sandals, a tank top and a fringed bag to look more casual

– wear it with sneakers, a denim jacket and a backpack to follow the “90s are back” trend

You can wear maxi skirts in winter too, just make sure to wear them with tights. Add a beanie and a leather jacket and you will look effortless chic.

Going on holidays? If you are lucky girl and you are going to the beach a maxi skirt is perfect to match your favorite bikini.

Any doubt that a maxi skirt can be your best friend? You can wear it in every occasion and every season.

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