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Topshop: My Favorite Summer Dresses



I’m totally into TOPSHOP, I totally love buying there online and I’m so in love with their statement pieces, specially the dresses like the one that I’m wearing. In this post I’m leaving you my top picks just click on the image and you’ll go to the exact link where you can buy it. If you live in Mexico don’t worry you still can buy the items.

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  • romwe
    My Style


    Being extremely busy these days, there are so many up coming projects from Oh my Dior, I can’t wait to show them with you! This is what I have been wearing…

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  • magical-blogger
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    Christmas Boho Shopping

    It’s almost a year since I decided to became a “Boho Princess”. I have investing in key items and today I want to share with you my Christmas Boho Shopping. If…

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    Look so pretty

    Wolf normcore bitters American Apparel, lo-fi try-hard artisan Portland farm-to-table polaroid Schlitz semiotics. Portland vegan put a bird on it, chambray salvia selvage synth single-origin coffee. DIY quinoa bitters, mixtape plaid…

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