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2017 addiction: PINK skirts


I don’t know what happened to me but since last year I only buy clothes in these colors: pink, grey, black, white and red; I’m becoming less and less interested in colors and that’s why I’m so happy that soft pale pink will be one of the most important colors of the year.


You asked me about my favorite stores to buy skirts here they are:



If you want cheap skirts I absolutely recommend this store. Yes, it’s true that sometimes your clothes will arrive in 1 month but they totally worth it. The skirt I’m wearing it’s lovely, comfortable and the most important: it doesn’t look cheap.

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    Dinora Ramos México

    Hi guys how are you? I’m so happy to share with you my rose quartz necklace from the talented Mexican Designer: Dinora Ramos, what do you think? ¿Qué creen? Justo antes…

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