The ballet flat shoes

This summer you’ll probably attend many parties and walk many beaches. There’s a chance you’ll meet a Nashville photographer and have a crazy ‘summerish’ photo session. You are already thinking about easy and chic outfits that are going to make your summer delicious. Also, you are probably already having in mind some Giuseppe Zanotti sandals and Jimmy Choo shoes. There is a huge quantity of shoes you would simply adore to walk in, but what a pity… your wardrobe is too small for 251 pairs of flat shoes, sneakers and high heels.  
     This summer you should seriously consider buying a cool pair of ballet flats. Get some black ones and you’ll have what to wear every single day. They go perfectly with jeans, dresses, shirts and skirts. They’re far away from the sporty style, close to easy elegance and still far from the ‘super dressed up look’. The flats are easy to choose and easy to wear, perfect for the summer, the fall and the spring. There is no way, you would look or feel bad because besides looking all pretty, the ballet flats are super comfortable. You can walk your dog in the park for hours and you can go on a date with a short guy. See, there are just too many advantages brought up by the flat shoes. You can easily call them the most important pair of shoes, because they are the saviors of the date, the perfect replacement of the killer high heels at some wedding party and just the daily comfortable choice. 
     Also, if you find a bi-colored pair of ballet flats that you like, get them instantly. The perfect combination is the beige + black. And if you are willing to have some more of them, do not be afraid to wear the leopard printed or the ones that have small crystals inlaid. These are the ones that will totally save you in the evenings when you want to ignore the high heels, but you still need a little bit of chic. That’s how you do the elegant look, without torturing your feet.
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  1. Raisa Nunez
    July 11, 2014 at 9:29 pm

    :3 estan bellos!!!! Se pueden pedir por internet o algo asii??? n.n

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