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Trendy Items for Summer 2015

You asked me and I’ll answer: Which are the trendy items for Summer 2015 that I can’t stop wearing? Definitely they are all the boat neck tops and the denim skirts, and if you mix them together voila! something fantastic-bombastic appears. The only thing I regret in this outfits are my shoes, I must confess that after I took this photos I run to Zara to buy a new pair of platforms, ha ha.


By the way you won’t imagine that I’m a little bit drunk in these photos, that had never happened before because if you know me close I never drink. I just was getting too hungry and I went for pizzas and sometimes you know, pizzas taste better with red wine.  I only drank one glass of wine and I was totally lost, but I guess it was fun.


top – blusa / skirt – falda


I guess that sometimes drinking it’s a big deal for me. I love staying healthy and I love giving my body everything that is nutritive, I don’t think all the brands of wines can offer you good products. Actually is better if you drink sulfite free wines but they are not easy to find. So I prefer to stay away from wine as much as I can, I prefer drinking water, water with lemon drops to be specific.


I guess that having healthy habits can make you look much, much better. I quit sugar since almost 1 month ago and I have seen a huge improvement in my belly and in my skin. And I feel much lightweight and clear, if you know what I mean.

Actually by quitting sugar I mean quitting all the processed sugars: the ones you could find at the cereal boxes, ice cream, ketchup, cookies, just check the labels EVERYTHING has sugar! even the bread, is disgusting. I got motivated by watching the Fed up movie, you should if you haven’t!

My diet consist on tons of smoothies, fruits, vegetables, lentils, beans, whole wheat bread, brown rice, sugar free yogurt, soy and almond milk and protein: meat, fish and eggs. I quit cheese too and the little hint of celulitis that was appearing in my butt disappear. I’m not a nutrition expert but I just feel so much better. Have you tried anything of these tips before?





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    July 3, 2015 at 1:41 pm

    Amo tus botines <3 thanks for the diet tips you´re really pretty.

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