Twin Flames – the NON romantic love


We live in a world where we love romanticising everything: from a Unicorn frappuccino to the deepest feeling. But have you ever thought that maybe here, now in this Universe, in this dimension we could live a really strong love who hasn’t anything to do with romance, love letters in other words a vanilla relationship, hearts and flowers?


I honestly never thought that could be possible, I always like to dream about soul mates stories. I thought “there most be that special person who is meant to be in your life and will stay forever in it”. No idea I have about love in this Universe at all, I met a “special person” and you know how curious I am; I read everything about special connections until I found the soulmates.



I must confess it disappointed me knowing that we have more than 26 soulmates in our lives. That “special person” disappeared from my live, reappearing a year later and now the connection was so much stronger. We experienced different psychic, telepathic signals between us, he even sometimes could see my aura. I didn’t understand what was going on, I didn’t know if it was all my imagination of if there truly existed a really special connection with someone who hasn’t anything to do with soulmates.


That’s how I started researching about the topic again and became reading about Twin Flames, now I’m not sure if he is my twin flame because I like to think that twin flames love each other. In my experience, in this relationship that wasn’t the case.


Being in a twin flame relationship or non relationship (I’m talking about that “soul closeness”) it’s really difficult. Specially if you are the chaser (almost every woman is the chaser), because you start feeling so lonely you want desperately to be loved and voila! your twin flame won’t give you the love you need, actually he will do exactly the opposite: he will run away from you so you can start facing your own demons.


So you stay there devastated, wishing for him to come back. Only to realize you only have one path: LOVING YOURSELF. Because if you love yourself you will feel much better, you will attract him or you will attract the love of your life. Just as it happened to me, but that’s another story.


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